The Cultch and Theatre Replacement Present
Cinderella: An East Van Panto

December 3 – 28, 2014
The York Theatre

Theatre Replacement’s An East Van Panto is back!

The top team of Amiel Gladstone, Veda Hille and Charles Demers return to the York with a way beyond Disney retelling of sweet little Cinderella. Have you ever read the original version? It’s messed up! Bring the family back to the York for some upside-down holiday cheer and watch as we dress up some of Vancouver’s favourite performers in fairy tale finery and set them loose on this fantastic East Vancouver tradition.


Josh Drebit* – Jay Dreb, fixie, Feral Cat

James Long – Pabst, Mack Pander, Rat, BC Ferry Godmother

Dawn Petten* – Len Til, Old Crow, Business Woman, Prince Grumpy 

Donna Soares* – Ella 

Allan Zinyk *– Stepmother, Ronald Grump, David Suzuki


Bailey Soleil Creed+ – Charlene, Ensemble
Sean Sonier+ – Ella’s Father, Janine, Ensemble
Alexandra Wever+ – Ella’s Mother, Amina, Ensemble

Filiz Ardal, Yuki and Fumiko Enns, Naomi Fota, Olive Knowles, Anders
Hille Kellam, Eleanor Mishna-Chauve, Nora and Hazel Pontin – Mice

* Appears with the permission of Canadian Actors’ Equity.
+ Student of Studio 58 / ++ Student of Simon Fraser University

Special Thanks:
Justin Kellam, Geoff Hicks, Ramona Litwinowich, Brian Linds, Kirsten McGhie, Studio 58, Bomber Brewing, Gateway Theatre, Arts Club Theatre, Bard on the Beach, and Gravity Pope for providing our beautiful glass slipper.

Playwright: Charles Demers
Director & Dramaturge: Amiel Gladstone*
Musical Director & Orchestra: Veda Hille

Choreographer: Tracey Power*

Set & Props Designer: Pam Johnson
Costume Designer: Marina Szijarto
Lighting Designer: Adrian Muir
Scenic Illustrator: Laura Zerebeski
Stage Manager: Jan Hodgson*

Technical Director: Jayson McLean
Production Manager, The Cultch & the York: Borja Brown
Producer, Theatre Replacement: Peter Boychuk

Sound Designer: Kris Boyd
Assistant Stage Manager: Ruth Bruhn
Assistant to the Set & Props Designer: Athena Ivison
Costume Team: Line Richard, Tina Ozols, Naomi Sider, Glen Andersen, Victoria Klippenstein
Scenic Construction: The Art Factory
Production Assistant: Sarah Faye Bernstein++
Publicist: Ellie O’Day

Media Links:
-Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight
-Erika Thorkelson, The Vancouver Sun
-Jerry Wasserman, Vancouver Plays
-Jo Ledingham, On the Scene

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